GeekiTek Uncategorized The Importance of Online Backups for Businesses

The Importance of Online Backups for Businesses

You know those online cloud platforms like DropBox that promise “solutions” to data storage? Most of us are familiar with them since our smart technology cannot hold all the information we have. In reality, these platforms are a less-secure, temporary solution to a serious, permanent problem. Dropbox is not a true solution to secure data storage, trust us. Millions of people use DropBox and similar public services, leaving the platform flooded with users who do not have serious intentions.

Imagine the difference between trying to enjoy a meal in a public, cramped restaurant and reserving a quiet, intimate space in a five-star establishment. The difference between both experiences is stunning. That is what it is like using a public storage “solution” vs. a privately managed one.

The cybersecurity professionals at GeekiTek are well aware of the importance of data security, providing Phoenix, Arizona, business owners with peace of mind for 15 years. GeekiTek cyber professionals know that privacy, security, and information discretion is of the utmost importance when dealing with online data backups. If you are on the fence about moving to the cloud, let us shed light on the importance of backing up your business data through an online, private cloud server.

Hackers & Viruses

Cybercriminals, viruses, ransomware, spyware- you get the idea. The internet is crawling with cyber-attackers just waiting to get their hands on your data or- worse- pry their way into your hardware, locking you out of your system. This is where online cloud storage saves the day- and by day, I mean your business information.

Physical Disasters

At any moment, a natural disaster in Phoenix can strike, leaving your laptops and tech equipment (i.e., unprotected data) defenseless. While this is not an idea we like to meditate on, it can definitely happen. Fires, floods, and earthquakes are the most common culprits of disasters. If your building happens to get caught in one of the situations above, that could mean mega data loss for your business.

Physical technology is not immune to destruction, matter how much we like to believe it is. Staying aware and prepared is so important. Why wait for disaster to strike to motivate you to backup your business data?

Data Overload

Online data backups prevent your office space or personal technologies from being overloaded with information. Instead of 1,000 files lying around your Phoenix office, you can encrypt them all and store them in an online cloud server. This frees up your work area and ensures those files can be accessed from anywhere at any time no matter what happens. Additionally, laptop and smartphone storage typically fills up fast, so transferring your data to a private cloud server will free up much-needed space on your devices.

Moving your business data to a family-owned, private cloud server with GeekiTek comes with peace of mind you didn’t know you needed. Phoenix, AZ, is a hub for talented individuals and impressive organizations, and with that comes the need for data storage- probably a lot of it. One simple consultation with GeekiTek will leave you feeling like you just spoke to a friend with your best interest at heart. If you want a cybersecurity company you can trust, you need GeekiTek.