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Help Low-Income Families Gain Internet Access for Educational and Work Needs

Imagine you are a young student or a professional working to take care of your family. You have relied on free internet access at school, work, or local coffee shops to help you complete homework or work-related tasks, but now the world is on lockdown due to a virus, and these resources have been stripped away.

Now, you are forced to sit at home, temporarily out of a job, being pushed to take classes online, or needing to continue working from home. The problem here is that you lack one essential tool to be able to continue your education online or begin supporting your family from home: internet access.

This is the reality for thousands of individuals. An astounding 400,000 Arizona locals do not have proper internet access to work from home and continue their education.

This leaves many young individuals with no choice but to drop out of school, significantly impacting other areas of their life. This also means that many professionals who have been given the option of working from home or becoming unemployed have to take the unemployment route, significantly impacting their family life.

College students cannot submit their assignments online without the internet. A skilled business professional cannot complete their job duties without internet access.

When we remove internet access from the equation, suddenly our whole life changes and becomes bleak.


Because our entire existence has become based around having simple internet access.

Internet is- quite frankly- a privilege that most people in our modern world take for granted. It is hard to imagine a life where we do not have internet at our fingertips.

Those 400,000 Arizona residents I mentioned earlier are mostly located in Downtown Phoenix, South Phoenix, Mesa, the city of Guadalupe, and Laveen. This is a small listing of affected communities, but rest assured there are more out there in need of help.

With your generous donation we can provide thousands of Arizona locals with the support they need to continue living life as normal and providing for themselves and their families.

These are stressful times, and we want to do whatever is in our power to help young students and families across Arizona.

We only wish we could help more.

Your contribution to our low-income family relief efforts will provide the communities listed above with internet access at a discounted rate- for as long as it takes to make it through this pandemic.

We applaud those who understand why this cause is so important, and we ask you to take action.

Not in the future, but now.