Security Cameras

Security Camera Systems

If the bad guys can watch you through your cameras, are they really your cameras? As certified ethical hackers, we understand that not all technology is created equal, and what you invest in a security camera is what you get out of it. That’s why GeekiTek chooses to give their clients the best in security and quality. While other companies may offer lower quality systems for less, we understand that reliability and protection is not something to compromise on.

Traditional security cameras record to a DVR and are limited to one location and a specific number of cameras. GeekiTek’s systems are configured to a centralized server that can host multiple locations with an unlimited number of cameras and recording time. We do this because it is the most secure way for a business to have their camera system backed up in case of hardware damage, power outages, theft, fraud, etc. 

Our preferred security system for our clients is Ubiquiti because they have proven to develop hardware and software that work together to protect businesses in the most vulnerable situations. 

  • Unlimited Locations 
  • Record up to a year or more
  • 1080p, 2K, and 4K video streaming quality 
  • Mic Dual Communications 
  • Extended Night Vision Range
  • Server Backup 
  • SD Card backup
  • Personalized alerts
  • Motion recording
  • Ability to use cameras to upload streaming content to your social media profiles 

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Don’t Let Your Business Be Vulnerable and At-Risk by Not Having a Proper Security System in Place

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