geekiTek In Action

For over 15 years, GeekiTek has successfully worked with many leading National and International tech companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, TelCel, Metro PCS, Wireless Toyz, Cricket, AZ Cell Phones, and Wireless USA. Our experience has also led us to work with other prestigious and diverse companies, including Trinity Hospital, East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, ABC Taxes, Integrity Computer Center, Compass CBS and so much more. Our unique expertise in the tech field has allowed us to diversify our abilities in providing support and custom solutions for all our customers’ tech needs.

We offer Cyber Security and tech repairs for small and large businesses, especially those who desire to increase their business’ return on investment through the use of technology. How do we do this? By implementing and applying 21st Century leading technology and utilizing it to create a more productive, efficient, and secure work environment. As we take the time to understand your industry needs, GeekiTek can formulate a personalized approach to best fit your business.

Our Mission

To create a more productive, secure, and efficient community in technology, by providing support and knowledge of the tech world.

We teach our people to safely navigate the virtual world and encourage innovation for future generations.

Our Vision

Establish a proactive community of Ethical Hackers to protect financial and personal information, while always sharing the value of GeekiTek. 

Founders and Team

Angela Solorio, CEO

Jon Fernandez, Head Technician

Moises Solorio Fernandez, Baby Boss

Alejandro Sanchez, Director of Social Media

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, gratitude, collaboration, education, perseverance, punctuality, respect, and love for our community.

Trusted and Partnered with Local Leaders