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Best Practices for Building the Custom Computer of Your Dreams

Building a personalized super-computer is every techie’s dream. From ultra-fast processing speeds to insanely realistic graphic cards, your options are pretty much endless. Every build starts from scratch (usually), so that means you can literally design the computer of your dreams according to your desired specs.

Hardware components are easy to come by, so that definitely makes the building process easier. However, it takes a lot of patience, trial and error, and knowledge to create a successful build- not just great hardware. 

Be Cautious of Dust and Debris

This might seem pretty basic, but it is very important to watch out for. Dust and debris can clog fans and settle into spaces where they don’t belong, ultimately affecting how your system runs. When installing your CPU, check for any dust in the socket. It’s never a bad idea to clean any socket before you install a hardware component, even if you feel like no dust is in it.

It is best practices to always construct your build on a large, clean surface as well. Expect to have lots of hardware pieces, cables, screws, and instruction manuals laying around, so pick a surface that is used strictly for your work.

Choose Your Components Wisely

While there are plenty of hardware options to go around, not all hardware is made equal. It is best practices to invest in high-quality, durable hardware that will stand the test of time- and intense usage. One common mistake PC builders make is choosing hardware components that are not compatible with one another.

For example, an inexperienced builder may choose one brand for the CPU and another brand for the motherboard. Before making any purchases, double-check that you are choosing the right components.

Match the Graphics Card with Your Monitor’s Resolution

Most people who build their own custom computer put a lot of focus on the graphics card (for gaming purposes). Keep in mind that buying an expensive graphics card will do nothing if it is paired with a cheap monitor running at 720 or 1080p. Best pc-building practices say to appropriately pair the quality of your monitor with the type of graphics card you go for.

If you choose a high-end graphics card, pair it with a high-end monitor with a resolution higher than 1080p. The same is said for a low-cost graphics card paired with an affordable monitor at a lower resolution.

Do you want to own a custom-built computer but don’t have the time or energy to make one yourself? Well, never fear, GeekITek is here! We build custom computers purely according to your specs. If you can dream it, our tech team can build it.

We are just as passionate about technology as you are, so you know the computer you receive from us will be made from all the best components and designed for speed, function, and power- or whatever specs your heart desires. Let’s chat about the PC of your dreams.

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