We set up internet service for businesses, homes, ranch, cabins, and much more. We are more flexible and efficient than the big guys!
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We protect our clients' business with a high quality security camera system.
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An organized server room can help you save money with good network performance and avoid hazards in your business.
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We set up business servers to centralized all operations, increase performance, and reduce management cost.
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Cyber Security, Technology Advancements & Business Security

Certified Ethical Hackers

We understand how the bad guys try to hurt your business physically and virtually, and our solutions will protect you.

Budgets for all levels

We always will analyze your needs and provide the most suitable plan and budget to accomplish your goals.

On-Time Completion

Whether you need a rushed project or planning for the future, our promise is to complete the job on time.

Why GeekiTek?

GeekiTek is a family-owned and local business that cares about teaching the business, entrepreneurs, and community leaders about cyber security, technology advancements, business security, and much more! Also, Angela and Jon (owners) are actively involved with local organizations to help expand this knowledge to the local communities and help businesses in need that have been victims of cyber flaws or want to prevent them.

We are experts on Cyber Security, Technology Advancements & Business Security. We offer Cyber Security and tech repairs for small and large businesses who desire to increase their business’ return on investment through the use of technology.

How? By implementing and applying 21st Century leading technology and utilizing it to create a more productive, efficient, and secure work environment.

As we take the time to understand your industry needs, GeekiTek is able to formulate a personalized approach to best fit your needs.