GeekiTek Uncategorized Very Affordable VOIP Service in Phoenix, Arizona & Why Businesses Need a VOIP

Very Affordable VOIP Service in Phoenix, Arizona & Why Businesses Need a VOIP

The rising costs of phone services have pushed more and more businesses to switch from traditional phone service to VOIP. What is VOIP? VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol; this simply means phone services that run off the internet instead of traditional phone lines. If your Phoenix business has a stable internet connection, you could take advantage of VOIP phone services to experience all the great features & functions that come with it. GeekiTek provides the best VOIP services in Phoenix, Arizona. For only $15 per month- and combined with friendly, reliable service quality- it is a price that cannot be beaten. While you meditate on that killer offer, let us share a few compelling reasons why businesses should invest in a VOIP.

Lower Monthly Costs

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason why businesses choose to switch to VOIP from traditional phones is cost. Installing multiple phone lines in your business will quickly add up fees, along with long-distance calling fees too. Using a VOIP eliminates unnecessary charges, consolidating your phone use into one low-cost monthly price.

24/7 Access

Say goodbye to landlocked phones; you can access your VOIP settings from anywhere at any time. Your employees can use the voice, fax, and data features even outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Imagine being able to stay connected with your business from abroad, checking voicemails and any missed calls from the palm of your hand or on a laptop.

More Features

Using a VOIP phone system makes using the phone a whole new adventure. You can access a variety of features that are impossible to experience by using traditional phones. VOIP allows you to increase your business efficiency by providing flexible features, such as being able to forward voicemails and messages to other team members in the office. What is really unique about using voice over internet protocol phone services is that your voicemails can be transcribed and emailed straight to your inbox. GeekiTek offers an array of sophisticated features, sure to fit your individual business needs.

Reliable & Convenient

With a stable internet connection, VOIP phone services are an extremely reliable source of communication. Forget about phone lines going down for anything other than internet issues- which do not happen often. Convenience is another important factor. To set up a VOIP system, all you need is an account and internet access- both of which GeekiTek will happily help you navigate. Not to mention, if you ever change your business location to another area within Phoenix or even outside of Arizona, you can keep your same phone number.

Ease of Installation & Use

Installation is easy, even for tech-challenged individuals. However, there is no need to worry about installing it yourself; GeekiTek has your back covered. Once installed and set up by professionals, you are good to go. Using the phone is straightforward, but do not be afraid to experiment with its many features. VOIP phone systems rarely require maintenance.