Custom Computer Build

Tired of investing in computers or systems that won’t perform? Here at GeekiTek we build custom computers based on your performance needs. Whether it’s for the office, small business, gaming or personal use, we consult with you about your tech needs and advise you with the right hardware so you don’t have to compromise performance or quality. 

Why choose a custom build computer from GeekiTek?

  1. They are up-gradable 
  2. We build exactly what you need or what you want
  3. Special builds for: Gamers, Web Developers, Businesses, Content Creators, and Graphic Designers 
  4. Can integrate with internal computer systems and business servers 
  5. Choose your own operating system: Windows, Linux, OSX, BSD, and others
Most of our clients save 30% of cost with our advise and solutions compared to other enterprise solutions on the market.

We recommend brands based on your needs and designed to cater your work environment challenges


Custom Computer Build in Phoenix Area