Network Cable Wiring

We like spaghetti as much as everybody else, but not when it comes to our server room. Cable management is important for:

  • Diagnostics: Reduce time identifying cable route and system failures
  • Heating: Disorganized cables reduce airflow, which can cause your hardware to overheat and even cause induction heating 
  • Tension Damage: As cables tangle, they will pull each other out of ports and even damage the equipment 
  • Firehazard: If insulation cracks due to heat and tension, wires can short and ignite nearby materials 
  • Presentation: Having an organized server rack is similar to an organized closet at home; you know what you have, what you need, and you know where you can put new equipment 

Whether you have a maze of wires or you want to avoid one, we can get you started with proper planning and installation. Operating business, new business, about to open, or need to upgrade your 15-year-old system while still operating, we can do the work while your business is up and running.

Cable Management Services: 

  • Cable management 
  • Server Configuration 
  • New wiring or re-wiring
  • Check and Install all wall-ports 
  • Coordinate your phone and internet system properly 
  • Set up IP phones and workstations 
  • Configuration of shared-work spaces 
  • Speed up network equipment 


Our Network Wiring skills go beyond the business application. GeekiTek can take your basic home and turn it into a smarthome with 21st-century technology and security in mind. We can work on old homes, new homes, and under-construction homes. 

Why convert to a smarthome?

  • Help save money with energy-saving configuration 
  • Control your home entertainment systems 
  • Regulate the temperature of your home at different level throughout the day 
  • Control the security of your home 
  • Video conference with your loved ones at home 
  • Monitor your property and even your pets 
  • and much more!