GeekFi Internet

Going online is an important way to staying connected with family, friends, stay informed via news, search for information, and shop. Yet, when researching why many Americans still go without internet, we found that it wasn’t because they didn’t want to stay connected and informed, but rather for the following reasons:


Available options for their area
did not provide the quantity
or speeds they needed.


Traditional service providers
did not service their area.


Required a contract of minimum
1-3 years


They traveled too much


It was too complicated


It was too expensive


So when creating GeekFi Internet, we wanted to create the type of internet that every American could use, enjoy, and travel with. GeekFi Internet was engineered by GeekiTek founders to create an equal opportunity internet access for businesses and residents in Arizona and other parts of the US.

GeekFi Is

Available where traditional popular internet service providers do not service.

Has been found to be 5-10x FASTER than most other independent internet companies in rural areas.

Our uniquely designed modems are versatile- you can leave them at home or in the office, or if you travel and need internet connection, take it with you.

It doesn’t fall under any utility restrictions that can prohibit installation in rental property.

Can be built out for private and open guest wi-fi with just one modem and bill.

Month to Month- No Contract, you own the equipment.

Perfect for backup internet.

Available for outdoor events like festivals, weddings, charity events, conferences, rodeos, farmer’s market, auctions, estate sales, mobile business, food trucks, and more.

Special rates available for Local First Arizona/ Fuerza Local & East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce members