VoIP Phone Services

Need A Simple Phone Solution?

Phone service over internet. VoIP

“As simple as plug and play.  As customizable as you need it!”

Need a simple home phone?  You got it.  Need a phone number that contacts your entire family?  You got it.  Need a powerful business phone system that allows for customers to navigate your options?  You got it!

Our phone systems have the ability to do whatever you need, even if it’s just to plug in and start making phone calls.

Benefits for Your Goals

How to work with GeekiTek?

Staff Growth

As your dedicated IT staff, we know there will be seasons where your business is busier than others. We take care of fulfilling your staff and support needs without you worrying to hire more employees.


Outsourcing is the best way to lower your cost and have experts ready to help you. We don’t need to be your employees, we are your experts on call and we only bill you for the hours worked or a monthly fee.

IT Consultants

We know it’s your goal to grow your business to the next level and for that you will need the right IT consultation. We have experience growing business to big operations as well as maintaining them.