Small Business Servers

Before developing a game-plan or buying small business servers, we always interview our clients in order to understand their workflow, everyday operations, and software systems needed to function at peak efficiency. GeekiTek knows how to make technology work for you. We understand how you can leverage the power of technology to facilitate and manage your everyday operations, whether you are physically present at your work environment or not.

Our highly advanced, yet affordable business servers are designed to: 

  • Focus on automating processes 
  • Designed to increase productivity 
  • Increase and reinforce security 
  • Optimize Management 
  • Setup access level through creation of user accounts
  • VPN Set Up 
  • Employee Management 

The goal of business servers is to become the centralized system that helps you manage your business and protect your information. When done right it’s the perfect solution for mobile businesses and the use of VPNs. 

Who needs a server set up?

  • Accountants
  • Realtors 
  • Tax preparers 
  • Lawyers
  • Contractors (all trades)
  • Restaurant owners
  • Graphic Designers 
  • Video Producers 
  • In fact, all business owners!