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There are approximately 6,000 new computer viruses released every month. Get Protected!

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A computer virus is a software program designed to replicate itself and spread to other machines, most commonly referred to as Malware. These programs are intended to be malicious, causing your computer to malfunction in some way and gather confidential information. Some of the most commonly seen programs are Spyware, Junkware, Trojans, Worms, and Ransomware. 

Spyware: involves stealing your private information.

Junkware: are unwanted programs infecting your devices, hindering performance capability by installing unwanted advertising programs. 

Trojans: have an appearance of being software with intent to increase the performance of your system, but really allows other viruses to infect your system. 

Worms: are viruses that replicate themselves with the purpose to gain control of the host computer. 

Ransomware: encrypts all critical documents and offers to decrypt them for a cost.  

You can protect yourself from these harmful programs in multiple ways: Installing an Antivirus/Malware Software, keeping your device up to date, or perhaps increasing the security of your network. Let us know how we can help you today! 

is your computer secure ?

Here´s a quick list to see if you´re in danger. If your answer YES to even on these questions, then  you´re putting yourself at high risk.
  1. Do you use your Internet Explorer as your main internet browser ? 
  2. Are you using Windows Defender, Norton, or McAfee as your anti-virus software ?
  3. Are you running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 ?
  4. Do you have less than 3 Passwords ?
  5. Do you receive a lot of pop up messages ?
If your answer is "YES" to more than one, then you are running your computer with high amount of risk, which can be fixed by our experts.

Computer Virus Removal in Phoenix AZ